Excel Basic and Advance Training

Excel Era offers Basic and advanced excel training in Gurgaon. Our training program combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Our aim is to train students to become industry ready in every way. we cover excel All version in our excel training program, so working Excel professionals can also upgrade their knowledge. We includes excel Dashboard based projects in our Excel Era training Center to understand the realtime use of Excel Power

Why you should join advance excel Training

• Almost at every level of employment, you required basic Excel Knowledge
• Major software and database uses it for Exporting/Importing data
• It can automate lots of tasks using vba macro.
• Its a great tool for small businesses accounting and Employee Management
• Ms Excel can Build Great Chart.
• Excel Conditional formating gives you clear and refined view of data.
• It helps in idenfifying and displaying trends using charts and graphs.
• Excel can interact with database like Sql Database and fetch data with SQL

The Microsoft Excel Basic and Advanced Course Content

• Excel Intro
• Excel shortcut keys
• Discussion on Excel Rows and Columns
• Add up a column or row of cells in Excel
• Types of Values in a Cell
• Editing text in a Cell
• Data Alignments
• Formatting in Excel
• How to change the color of a Cell
• How to Save your work in Excel
• Currency Symbols in Excel
• How to Merge Cells in Excel
• Formatting worksheet

Security in excel

• Protection and security in Excel
• How to Protect Excel Sheet.
• How to Lock rows and collum
• How do you lock an Excel spreadsheet
• How do I protect cells in Excel
• How do you protect a workbook in Excel
• How do you protect a column in Excel

Working in Excel worksheet

• How to use AutoFill in Excel
• The SUM Function in Excel
• Copy and Paste
• Paste Special in Excel worksheet
• How to Multiply in Excel
• Comments to a Cell

Excel Charts

• How to Sort Data in Excel
• Create an Excel Chart
• Move and Resize your Chart
• Chart Styles and Layouts
• Chart Titles and Series Titles
• Format your Axis Titles

Formulas in Excel

• The SUM, Count Function
• Multiply in Excel
• Subtract and Divide
• Combining the Arithmetic Operators
• The Average Function
• The Date Function
• Time Functions in Excel
• Financial Functions

Conditional Functions in Excel

• The IF and Nasted if Function
• Use formulas with conditional formatting
• Create conditional formatting rules with formula
• Copy conditional formatting
• Remove conditional formatting
• Conditional Formatting
• CountIF
• SumIF

Lookup Function and Filters In Excel

• Data Tables in Excel
• Excel Scenarios
• Absolute Cell References
• Rounding numbers in Excel
• How do you do a Vlookup in Excel 2013
• What is the lookup function in Excel
• How do you reference a cell in Excel
• What is the difference between lookup Vlookup and Hlookup
• Custom Name in Excel
• Excel Pivot Tables
• Reference other Worksheets
• LOOKUP Function
• Named Ranges in Excel
• VLOOKUP Function in Excel

Advanced Excel

• Use of SUMIFS Function
• how to use INDEX + MATCH
• Handling Formula Errors
• Array Formulas
• Circular References
• Formula Auditing
• How to Create an Excel Template
• Drop Down Lists in Excel
• Data Forms in Excel
• Hyperlinks in Excel
• Add your own Error Messages
• Object Linking and Embedding
• Insert Drawing Objects

Google Spredsheet

• Use of Google Spredsheet
• Scripts and Functions
• Conditional formating
• Data Validations
• Hyperlinks in Spredsheet
• Sharing and Accessing Spreadsheet
• How to Protect Sheet and Columns
• How to Prepare Dashboard

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