Soft Skills Training Program Course Content

Why Soft Skills are importent to get a perfect Job

•During any Placement process or any job Interview the Recruiter Screen the candidate by Noticing the conduct of that person on self and others style of dressing, grooming as its shows one's professionalism and sincerity towards work.

•Most importantly choice of words, body language, Behaviors, Determination Towards work are checked. With precise and willingness to learn, one can be able to improve the way of presenting oneself in the corporate world.

•Soft Skills can be defined as "a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitude and social graces that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with It includes everything and exclude nothing.
           It is basically a combination of two things, Personal Attributes and Interpersonal Attributes.

Personal Attributes

• Dressing Sense
• Body Language
• Attitude and Behavior
• Time Management
• Self Confidence
• SWOT Analysis

Interpersonal Attributes

• Communication Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Team Work
• Leadership Qualities
• Adaptability
• Problem Solving and Creativity
• Decision Making

Interview Preparations

• Resume writing
• Cover letters
• Email writing
• Public speaking
• Presentation skills
• Group discussion
• Personal interview

Resume Writing

• Difference between Resume & Curriculum Vitae
• Purpose of resume/Why resume is needed?
• Structure of Resume
• Career objective
• Resume Formatting Guidelines
• Do's & Don't in Resume
• Covering letter - intent of Resume

Email Writing

• Why Email?
• Requirement of Email
• Precise Crisp and Clear
• Framing the structure
• Greetings

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